1-Hour Video Course

This advanced technical analysis video training can be applied to swing trading, position trading, day trading and even long-term investing in any market. In this 1-hour live seminar recording, Martha Stokes CMT demonstrates TechniTrader's unique and timeless analysis techniques using TC2000 charting software. You will learn:

  • How to spot high frequency trading activity and influence in a stock.

  • The role of volatility in identifying high frequency trading.

  • The difference and interaction of high frequency trading with dark pools in stock accumulation.

  • How to put the unique institutional trading activity to work for you.

  • How to read support and resistance in the scheme of high frequency trading.

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About this course

  • $99.00
  • 2 lessons
  • 1 hour of video content

Additional Topics covered in this video training:

Dark Pool activity, Technical analysis, Volume analysis, Candlestick chart analysis, Worden's Balance of Power indicator, Worden's Time Segmented Volume indicator, Support & resistance analysis, modern market structure theory, short-term trading strategies, risk versus reward analysis, stock trading techniques and more.

This is NOT a complete course on trading stocks. The Methodology Essentials Course is the comprehensive course that gives you everything you need to achieve consistent success.