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Learn how to trade the stock market like a pro. Take a mini course to get started! ...If you're a BEGINNER, take the BASICS mini course. If you're EXPERIENCED, take the PROFESSIONAL mini course.

  • Are you fascinated by the markets? Then you'll love learning how we follow the professional side of the market.

  • Have you taken big losses dabbling? We can teach you how to limit your risk.

  • Ready to learn how the pros make income trading stocks? We teach a checklist process that helps eliminate emotional decisions.

Structured Trading Education

We are professional trading educators and we've been at it for more than 20 years. 

Most of our students are people who tried to figure out trading on their own through free online videos, books, and weekend seminars. They got lucky once and then lost a whole lot of money before they realized they needed a real education to make trading work for them. 

Don't make the same mistake! Let us help you learn how to avoid big losses and make more consistent income from trading or investing in stocks, ETFs or options. 

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