The Basics of the Stock Market

Who will benefit from this course: This is our introduction to the stock market course for people who are just starting to think about investing or trading stocks.  It is for the absolute beginner. However, it is also full of information that most investors and traders do not know.

What you will gain from taking this course:  You will learn the foundation of investing or trading stocks. The stock market has its own language, a unique structure and organization. The market is complex with more breadth and depth than you are told. This course demystifies the stock market with easy to learn and understand explanations. Everything you need to know to get started is in this course. 

What you will learn: You will learn the 3 pillars of stock investing or trading. You will learn every stock term you need to know and explanations of what each means. You will learn how to read a stock chart, what a stock indicator is, how and what fundamentals really matter, and how to always reduce your risk and preserve and grow you capital safely.

The Walk Around the Market Course

The Walk Around the Market Course is a home study course designed for new and novice investors and traders who have a limited understanding of the markets and who want to learn to invest or trade in stocks and options.

Very up to date, I love it.

 Louis Carlos Leanos

Accurate description

Simple but easy to understand

– David Irons


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