Trading Methodology Essentials Course: Elite Edition Outline

For the career-oriented trader. If you want to trade full-time, this is the course for you.

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The Elite Edition: Trading Methodology Essentials

Reviews from Students

Excellent quality training - Very thankful I found TechniTrader.  The quality and depth of the training is unmatched.  I feel like I have a solid foundation to grow from.  Knowing I have ongoing support gives me the confidence to push myself further.  Overall, my experience has been outstanding.  I can't wait for the coming weeks, months, and years of trading.

- Greg W. (March 2024)

Hi Martha,

            I recently finished your Relational Technical Analysis Course [included with the Elite Methodology Essentials]. Being an experienced options trader I found it to be very useful as it gives me a better understanding of the markets and who is in charge. Using my Indicators with your Hybrid indicators allows me to get into and exit a trade much earlier, which is very important as a swing trader. Using your Scans has been very useful. I paid for the course on my first trade using your scans. I believe this is a must course for any type of Investor. I Plan to continue with your courses in the future.

- Richard P. (February 2023)

Excellent course and this one is my favorite of all so far.  ME10 [Methodology Essentials course] was challenging to begin because everything was so new and took time to get used to technical trading...  Relational Analysis course [included with Elite Methodology Essentials] goes deeper into the analysis, not in a difficult way, and clears up a lot of misunderstandings.  Much clarity has come from Relational Analysis.  I took Relational Analysis before Swing Trading or Short trading, and I don't regret it.  I highly recommend Relational Analysis before taking any other course because you'll have more thorough understanding of dark pools and charts.  I believe it'll provide a strong base foundation for all other courses.

- James H. (August 2022)

TechniTrader answers all of those unanswered questions and also fills in the gaps of questions you didn't even think to ask. What is price doing? Who are you trading with or against? Why is the market behaving the way it is? When should I enter and exit this trade? How do I manage my portfolio to consistently earn an income from the market. 

To be honest, you'll get much more than these questions answered. You'll get the most consistent and logical instruction on trading that you will ever receive. You'll get a team of professionals who are wanting you to be successful. You'll get mentorships that improve your trading and continue to guide you on each of your trades!

You will be more consistent than you've ever been, experience much less stress in doing so, and have a system that lets you work less, not more. 

TechniTrader will change your life. If I can only say one thing about my TechniTrader experience, it's that this has been the most rewarding experience in my financial journey than anything else. 

- Chi T. (March 2022)

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