Trading Methodology Essentials Course - Premier Edition

Perfect for new traders and those looking to improve their trading results. Details inside.

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The Premier Edition: Trading Methodology Essentials

Reviews from Students

Excellent collection of price action analysis! I really enjoy how the material collects the trade setups for different trading styles.

- Szabolcs B. (January 2023)

By far the best course I have experienced. I have tried many educational (and promotional) trading courses and have been trading with mixed success for some time. This course is particularly thorough, clear and also demanding, so provided I keep to all the advice and rules I will look forward to consistent and enjoyable trading. Many thanks!

- David C. (May 2022)

I want to give you some feedback on recent trading success. Recently I have been putting a lot of energy into following BOP accumulation and distribution, and the formation of bottoms. As a result, the trades that I took in the last couple of weeks have been extremely successful. 

Even the TV hosts who have been giving their comments on the market and that we are in a bear market, I have been scanning BOP and studying the MC scans. This has allowed me to mute the TV people and place strategic trades that keep going up, besides the regular profit taking that happens.

It is sure nice to sit back and watch the market move around, and be secure in the knowledge that I can see the big boys moving and I am quietly hitching a ride.

Thanks a bunch to Martha and the team.

- Michael C. (January 2016)

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