Trading Methodology Essentials Course: Standard Edition

Learn how to trade the stock market from A to Z in this all-in-one course for all trading styles.

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The Standard Edition: Trading Methodology Essentials

Reviews from Students

This course was much more than what I expected. Well explained,  and  very good charting examples. Definitely a good reference  and review source.  Very Good Content.  I wish I had known about TechniTrader when I first started looking for educational sources. Thus far, this course has answered so  many questions that I had.   There is nothing worse than being fed BAD Outdated Information.  Definitely a 5 star review by me.  I wish I had known about this course several years ago.  

-Janice P. (April 2023)

Prior to becoming a Student at TechniTrader, my stock market mistakes were serious and monetary losses were far greater than any meager earnings. 

The Methodology Essentials Course and the continued education with TechniTrader has been eye opening. There were multiple areas of trading I desired to understand as well as how to study candlesticks, different chart patterns, and the crucial indicators that were necessary to use. It has been enjoyable adding to my knowledge base, building upon it, and expanding it. As I do, I become a better trader with better results.

My personal results in the stock market have yielded nice net gains with the last 10 of my 11 trades thus far this year closing successfully. I’m comfortable whether I go long or go short, and I trust completely what I have been taught and continue to learn through the educational experience I still enjoy. 

So thank you, especially to Martha and Howard, for sharing your expertise and vast knowledge with us. I’m not frustrated anymore when it comes to market decisions as I was a couple of years ago, I’m just very grateful for the proper and kind instruction.

Most sincerely,

– Laurie V. (January 2016)

I want to thank you for the wonderful training you have given me...the results have shown it is well worth it – in fact, a bargain. 

I have been actively trading for about 4 months now and just made my most significant gain yet. It was a following your training, I have had very few losses and those have been very minimal. A lot of my friends are so afraid of the stock market – they simply don’t understand it. And of course, I tell them about your training.

Again, thank you so much for the GREAT education – from someone who knew practically nothing about the stock market 8 months ago before I signed up for the Methodology Essentials Course! THANK YOU, THANK YOU, THANK YOU!

All the best,

– Mike N. (August 2015)

This (Methodology Essentials Standard Course) is without a doubt the best educational course I have taken on trading. It has been organized so well and easy to follow.

– Curt H. (February 2013)

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