Which indicators can help you achieve your goals?

Learn which indicators lead big price moves and how to build a complete leading indicator analysis. Get a sneak peek into the leading indicators you'll learn in the Methodology Essentials course. You will learn:

  • How indicators are designed and how they work.

  • The categories of indicators and how to pick the indicators you need for a leading analysis.

  • Which indicators are best for swing trading, day trading or position trading.

  • An introduction to the indicators taught in the Methodology Essentials course.

    1. What Makes A Leading vs. Lagging Indicator?

    2. Quiz 1

    1. How to ensure a complete analysis

    2. Quiz 2

    1. Are you using the right indicators for your trading style?

    2. Quiz 3

    1. Introduction to TechniTrader's Leading Indicator Set

    2. Quiz 4

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About this mini course

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  • 17 minutes of video content

This lesson is for beginners. If you're looking for a more advanced lesson on using leading indicators to find Dark Pool buy zones, call us for a  complimentary video lesson.


Additional Topics covered in this video training:

Professional trader patterns, the patterns that reveal Dark Pool buy zones, candlestick patterns, swing trading, platform position trading, short-term trading strategies, how to improve trading results, long-term investing, a comprehensive trading methodology. 

*Complimentary courses should not be construed as complete courses on trading stocks or any other  investment vehicle. The Methodology Essentials Course is the comprehensive course that teaches you EVERYTHING you need to achieve consistent success in the markets.