The Methodology Essentials Courses

Methodology Essentials Course - Standard Edition

Great for beginners. Includes the Walk Around the Market intro course, Standard Scans & Chart Templates, the Long & Short Trading Calculators and Standard Trading Journal.

Methodology Essentials Course - Premier Edition

Perfect for new to experienced traders and investors. Includes everything in the Standard Edition PLUS the Market Structure Report, Advanced Scans & Chart Templates, the Trade Management Planner and Advanced Trading Journal.

Methodology Essentials Course - Elite Edition

For the career-oriented trader or investor. If you want to learn how to trade full-time, this package is for you. Includes everything in the Premier Edition PLUS the Elite Scans & Chart Templates and the Relational Technical Analysis™ modules for elite-level training on how to identify the footprints of each market participant group.

The Methodology Specialty Courses

The Definitive Guide to Options Trading

With TechniTrader's modern methodology for trading options, you'll gain a deeper understanding of the options market and learn a simple proven process for using options to maximize your earning potential.

The Definitive Guide to Position Trading

Position Trading provides the highest monthly income, with the least amount of time needed to trade, of all the short-term trading styles. In this course, you will learn the finer details of high profit-potential, low-risk position trading.

Relational Technical Analysis

The Relational Technical Analysis Course is the Technical Analysis Part 1 and 2 modules of the Methodology Essentials course presented with more relational training for understanding who is controlling price. Perfect for improving SPRS.

The Definitive Guide to Swing Trading

Designed for students who want to develop their swing trading skills to an expert level. The training applies to all styles of Swing Trading including Velocity, Day & Intraday Trading. Learn how to pinpoint high-profit, low-risk trades.

The Definitive Guide to Market Corrections and Selling Short

This is the only course that covers the entire spectrum of how the market trends down. You'll learn selling short for profits during a downtrend and the signals that lead into and out of a correction or bear market.

Investment and Retirement Stock Market Course

Learn long-term investing principles including different investment instruments, the risks and benefits of each and how/when to use each. Features our Vertical Rotational Diversification™ method that provides maximum Return on Investment.

Putting it all Together Technical Course

This course is a professional course for Elite Traders who wish to take their training to a professional level or who are professional traders working as floor traders or proprietary desk traders, or who own their own trading company. The Putting it All Together was first presented in a live workshop and was retired in 2020. It is now being rewritten to function optimally in the Digital Stock Market new infrastructure. This is a professional level course with perquisites.

Definitive Guide to Candlestick Entries & Exits

This course teaches the NEW Candlestick Patterns of the Modern US stock market. The candlestick patterns taught are not continuation or reversal patterns but actual entry and exit signals for buying long, selling short, selling for profit, and buying to cover. The course also includes a list of the Japanese Candlesticks and how these function in the US Market. The course was retired as it is being updated and rewritten for the Digitized Stock Market and Global Market.

The Definitive Guide to Market Conditions

This course teaches the 6 Primary Market Conditions that dominate the US and other stock markets. The course is designed for professional traders or semi-professional trades who need a more in-depth study of the various market conditions and how to recognize each one. It also covers the TechniTrader MCA Scans used to determine the market conditions, daily trading conditions, bias, energy, market participants who control price etc. It also covers the indexes and their formulations and algorithms. Professional Level course requires prerequisites.

Definitive guide to Stock Indicators

This course covers all of the types of stock indicators and explains their formula and the intent of the indicator writer. The course also explains and shows which indicators are ideal for each of the 6 primary market conditions. The training provides details on indicator development, parameter settings, and which should be used for each trading style. The course is currently being rewritten to encompass new indicators and the Digital Stock Market.

Definitive Guide to Technical Analysis

This course is an advanced traders training on technical analysis. It covers far more details and analysis than the Methodology Courses. The Technical analysis course studies trends, trendline patterns, support, resistance, run gain potential, target gain potential and how to apply this training for day trading, swing trading, position trading, etc. It is currently retired.

Learn & Earn Mini Courses

Introduction to Trading - Learn How to Trade Stocks: FREE Video Lessons

Take this introduction to online trading free. Learn How to Trade Stocks the right way from the start. You'll learn the basics of the stock market and what it takes to start earning income as a stock trader. Plus, earn course credits!

How to Create a Professional Trading Plan: FREE Video Lessons

Learn & Earn: Learn the Steps to Trade Stocks Like a Pro and Earn Credits with this Introductory Training on TechniTrader's Trading Methodology. You'll be surprised by how much you SHOULD be making in the stock market with a complete process for your trading.

How to Trade Stocks Intro Course

Take a "Walk Around the Market" with TechniTrader. Designed to give the new investor or beginner trader a solid understanding of the stock market and how it compares to other investing vehicles. Find out what you need to learn before you buy your first stock. A perfect way to see if a comprehensive course is right for you. PLUS, you can take this tuition off a Methodology course!

5 Steps to Stock Trading Success

1-hour training video for beginners and new traders. Martha Stokes, CMT walks you through each of the steps that lead to consistent success in trading stocks, from picking strong patterns from scans to risk analysis and managing trades. You're gonna love the practice exercise for trade management at the end!

Dark Pool Buy Zones: Amplify Your Trading Profits

1-hour training video that teaches about Dark Pool Buy Zones, how to identify them and how to use them to improve your trading profits. Introduction to "Relational Analysis," a new way to look at charts to find the best trading opportunities. You're gonna love the practice exercise for trade management at the end!

How to Exploit High Frequency Trading

High Frequency Trading can become a source of high-profit trading opportunities when you learn why, when and how they trade. Learn how to position your trades to benefit from the often-explosive HFT activity. Actionable trading tips for experienced traders in stocks, options, ETFs, e-minis and more. You're gonna love the practice exercise for trade management at the end!

Elective Courses

Cycle Theory and Analysis Techniques

This course covers the entire body of work on Cycle Evolution Theory by Martha Stokes, CMT, an expert in cycle analysis. Applicable to analysis of any asset. Includes in-depth training on using a Detrended Price Oscillator.

Exchange Traded Derivatives

How to use ETFs and Indexes for investing and trading to achieve higher short-term profitability and diversification of your portfolio. Course covers all types of Exchange Traded Derivatives.

HFTs and Dark Pools

The High Frequency Traders and Dark Pools online elective course provides comprehensive training for on these Giants of the Market. You will learn how to track them on price and indicator charts using Relational Analysis™, taught only at TechniTrader.

Indicator Studies

Balance of Power

Learn how to use Worden’s Balance of Power Indicator for TC2000. In-depth training on why, when and how to use BOP to identify the large-lot trading patterns created by Dark Pools, Professional Traders and High Frequency Trading.

Bollinger Bands®

Learn the many different ways you can use Bollinger Bands® to help you identify more opportunities to trade. The class also explores the variations of this indicator and how to use Bollinger Band indicators with other indicators for leading signals.

RSI Indicator Study

Explore ways to customize RSI for your trading style with various sub-indicators and primary leading indicators as well as in scans. You'll have a complete understanding of RSI when you're done with this course.

Time Segmented Volume Indicator Study

Semester-based elective course on all the ways to use TC2000’s hybrid volume oscillator to reveal leading signals in stock price movement. Weekly Q&A and current chart pattern examples supplement the main course lessons.

Lab Classes

The Cycle of Market Participants Lab Class

This class is a complete study of the various institutions, traders, corporations and individuals who trade and invest in today’s stock market. You’ll learn how each market participant group impacts stock trends and the market in general.

Disciplined Trading and Investing Lab Class

This 8-week lab class takes you step by step through the process of how you can become a highly disciplined trader or investor. It explores the psychology behind investing and provides pointers for improving consistency and confidence in trading.

Globalization of the Financial Markets Lab Class

This Lab Class covers a wide spectrum of topics relating to how the Globalization of the Financial Markets is developing and what it means for the future of independent investors and traders.

Interrelationships between Financial Markets Lab Class

The interrelationships between each financial market have been undergoing massive changes as new technologies create new ways to invest, trade and profit from various investment and trading instruments. Learn how each financial market impacts others.

Introduction to Stock Trading Lab Class

This is a Core Market Knowledge Basics lab class designed specifically for the new investor or novice trader. You will learn the basics of trading stocks: terminology, trading tools, introduction to stock charts, indicators and buying/selling.

IPO Lab Class

This 8-week lab class provides an in-depth study of Initial Public Offerings. Learn how IPOs work, how to recognize a strong versus weak IPO, when to invest, when not to invest, and more.

Market Trend Lab Class

This 8-week lab class explores market trends in-depth, how and why they develop, trendline patterns, how and why they develop, and how they impact and control corrections, support, and resistance levels.

New Technology Product Cycle Lab Class

This 8-week lab class provides an in-depth study of the New Technology Product Cycle. This class will help you select the best stocks emerging from new technology fields right now. The accompanying Stock Cycle is taught in the following semester.

New Technology Stock Cycle Lab Class

This 8-week lab class is the 2nd part of the New Technology Product Cycle Lab Class. You'll learn how the stock is affected by the New Technology Product Cycle to help you understand the best point in the trend for investing.

Sector Rotation Lab Class

In this 8-week lab class, you will learn to recognize the patterns that precede sector rotations, to anticipate changes in the climate of the market for making better investing and trading decisions.

The Psychology Behind Support & Resistance

This 8-week lab class provides an in-depth study of support and resistance and the role both play in the analysis of risk and reward of a trade. Learn to understand and use support and resistance to your advantage for all types of trading styles.

Ongoing Education Subscriptions

Daily Market Educator

Our most popular ongoing education service for short-term traders: swing, position, momentum or velocity, day and intraday trading. Get daily end-of-day market updates and trading lessons for the current market conditions. Includes a Community Board.

Long Term Portfolio Discussion

The long-term investor's resource for investing tips. Also, Martha Stokes CMT provides analysis and updates on new technologies and the companies bringing them to market. These lessons are posted every week on Friday. Includes a Community Board.

Morning Market Reports - Daily

Posted before the market opens each day, these detailed market condition & premarket activity reports provide guidance for the trading day for all types of traders, but especially for day, velocity and swing traders.

Morning Market Reports - Weekly

These detailed market condition and premarket activity reports provide guidance for part-time traders and investors. Posted every Friday to help traders and investors stay informed about the current trading conditions.

Position & Part-Time Trader's Weekly

This publication is posted weekly on Fridays for Position Traders & Part-time Traders. The lessons provide weekly after-market condition analysis & tips for position trading in the current market.

The Profit Hunter Weekly Lessons

Community for Stock Traders. Helpful stock trading tips that you can ask questions on and chat with other traders about. Let's hunt for stock market profits together!

Virtual Courses

Case Study: Leaders of the Digital Economy

A unique interactive 8-week course to provide hands-on learning for how to identify the top 3 companies in the top 5-6 new technology industries that will dominate in the next few years. Features group work with 4 live class meetings.

Crypto Tsunami: The 4th Industrial Revolution

Learn about how Distributed Ledger Technology is changing the landscape of commerce. You'll learn where to look for early investing and trading opportunities to get in on the ground floor of the 4th Industrial Revolution.

Displacement Technologies: Within the Eye of the Storm

Beneath the turbulence of the global financial markets a new generation of tech stocks is coming to market at an unprecedented accelerated pace. These new technologies have the potential to disrupt many industries and displace millions of jobs.

How to Pick Winners from the Latest New Technologies: The Global Financial Renaissance

Martha Stokes, CMT presents her research and insights into the latest new technologies and companies that are poised for the greatest impact and strongest stock growth.

Vertical Rotational Diversification Method Retirement Investing

The Vertical Rotational Diversification Method is another proprietary methodology that Marth Stokes CMT and co-founder Howard Johnson developed for optimizing long term and retirement investing. By using a radically different approach than financial planners recommend, you will be able to significantly increase your ROI over traditional diversification methods.

The Post-Pandemic Economy for Investors & Traders

The aftermath of the Pandemic is expected to create a major shift in all facets of business: social attitudes, commerce, government policy, technology, and more. Learn how to adjust your investing and trading strategies for the New Global Economy.

Special Reports | Tools | Webinars

The 2022 Sector and Industry Report

The 2022 Sector & Industry Report is one of the most important tools for investing and trading this year and beyond. Learn which industries are poised for the strongest growth potential to help focus your approach to the markets.

Market Structure Report

This report opens the door to the inside of the financial markets for self-directed traders and investors. Learn how the modern market structure works to understand the changes you need to make to profit from the dominance of the professionals.

Trade Management Planner Training

This trading tool helps you develop a realistic trading/investing plan. Calculate how much trading you need to do, how many shares, at which price, and the profit required per period to reach your annual ROI goal according to your capital base.

Student Mentoring Webinar

Group Mentoring Session with Martha Stokes CMT via live webinar to provide students with Real-time Analysis of the Current Market Condition and How to Trade It. The webinar replay is available for 1 month for review.

All Courses Created & Designed by TechniTrader Instructors

Chartered Market Technician | CEO | Head Instructor Martha Stokes CMT

Martha's life's work in her retirement years is to pass her decades of knowledge and experience in the markets onto her dedicated TechniTrader students. Martha Stokes CMT is a retired professional Buy-Side Analyst. She is a member of the CMT Association and earned the Chartered Market Technician designation with her thesis, “Cycle Evolution Theory.” She is a prolific author, having created over 40 stock market courses that include new, unique analyses: Relational Technical Analysis, Market Condition Analysis, and Spatial Pattern Recognition. Her focus for long-term investments is emerging displacement technologies that will have a significant impact on society, the economy, and the stock market. Martha ran a successful fund, has sat on both sides of the Venture Capital table, worked on an IPO, and has taught at several community colleges. Martha's articles can be found all around the web, i.e., Proactive Advisor Magazine, Stocks & Commodities Magazine, the CMT Association,, eZine and more.

Instructor Howard Johnson

Howard Johnson is now retired from TechniTrader. He was a Senior Trading Manager for a closed fund. During his years as a professional trader, he developed proprietary trade order systems, trade risk calculators, and trading plan calculators, which he generously shared with our students. Howard toured the US & Canada as a popular speaker & educator. His expertise was trade management, risk management, and a proprietary order entry and exit process that he developed during his professional trading career, which is similar to the order systems used by Dark Pools. Howard worked directly with a NYSE Market Maker as he developed the proprietary order types, stop losses, and trailing profit stops taught in TechniTrader Courses. His brilliant concepts so impressed the Market Maker that some incorporated those concepts to the business. His diverse background includes CEO of three companies, software developer, production engineering, video production, audio engineering, and electronics engineering. He was an avid professional day and option trader before retirement. He started investing while in college. Howard’s passion for teaching and his careful attention to details made him a favorite among our students.