Technical + Trader = TechniTrader

Learn what it takes to become an expert techni-trader! It all starts with technical analysis. Martha Stokes CMT breaks down the essentials of our 3-dimensional technical analysis techniques that help you achieve higher trading profits. You will learn:

  • Orient yourself: Price Trends, Timeframes and Trendline Patterns.

  • The role of support & resistance in managing risk vs. reward for your style of trading.

  • New tops and bottoms for identifying critical turning points in the price movement of stocks, options, ETFs, e-minis, cryptocurrencies and more.

  • The role of Relational Technical Analysis for achieving more consistent trading results.

    1. The Essentials of Technical Analysis

    2. Quiz 1

    1. Strength of Support & Resistance for Risk v. Reward Analysis

    2. Quiz 2

    1. New Tops & Bottoms for Optimal Entries and Exits

    2. Quiz 3

    1. Our Guide to the Footprints of the Modern Market Participant Groups

    2. Quiz 4

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About this mini course

  • Free
  • 9 lessons
  • 17 minutes of video content

Additional Topics covered in this video training:

Dark Pool buy zones, professional traders, hedge funds, risk analysis, market corrections, stocks, market indexes, leading hybrid indicators, candlestick patterns, swing trading, platform position trading, short-term trading strategies, how to improve trading results, long-term investing.

This is NOT a complete course on trading stocks or any other trading instrument. The Methodology Essentials Course is the comprehensive course that gives you everything you need to achieve consistent success.