Trading Calculators

All editions of the Methodology Essentials Course include spreadsheet calculators for calculating reward versus risk, your order entry and stop loss details, and for helping you make decisions while managing your trades. For long and short calculations.

Custom Charting Tools

TechniTrader provides fully customized chart templates and scans for TC2000, and MetaStock.

These settings come ready to go in these 3 charting programs so you can start practicing your trading, not setting up tools. You just need a data subscription with one of these vendors. 

If you're using another charting program, like ThinkorSwim, TradingView or any other program, we'll provide instructions and support for manually setting up basic chart templates and scans for picking stocks too. Our savvy support team can connect to your computer to assist you and provide tips for setting up our Essential indicators for your trading style in any charting program.

Standard Edition

  • 9 Chart Templates
  • 4 Market Condition Analysis Scans 
  • 4 Trading Style Scans

Premier Edition

  • 21 Chart Templates
  • 7 Market Condition Analysis Scans
  • 14 Trading Style Scans

Elite Edition

  • 25 Chart Templates
  • 7 Market Condition Analysis Scans
  • 18 Trading Style Scans

Trading Journal

An important part of the learning process is keeping a trading journal of market conditions and the trades you make. A record of your trading is not only important for developing your trading skills, but also for evidence of trading as a business. We provide a downloadable or printable journal to help you log and review your trading activities. Standard journal for Standard Edition. Advanced Journal for Premier & Elite Editions.

Trade Management Planner

With the Premier and Elite Editions, you also get our Trade Management Planner spreadsheet calculator for planning for reaching your annual Return on Investment goals based on your capital base. 

This TechniTrader tool helps you understand the price range you should trade, the number of shares you should trade, the number of trades you need to place per week or month, how much risk you can take, and the points you need to gain each week or month in order to reach your goals. 

With a solid trading plan in place, you'll be able to use the TechniTrader trading methodology to actually achieve your goals. 

Instructions & Support

All of TechniTrader's Trading Tools come with a complete set of instructions in both written and video formats. If you need help setting up or using your trading tools, the TechniTrader Student Support Team is just a chat message, email or call away.