Professional-Level Online Course for Career Oriented Traders & Investors

Who will benefit from this course: Anyone who wants to trade like a professional, or who is a professional that needs more education on Relational Technical Analysis™. TechniTrader is the only educational company that offers this training on how to identify when and where each market participant buys and sells. Relational Analysis can be applied to trading in any market. 

This Elite stock market trading education is designed for those who want to learn how to trade full-time and earn income typical of professional traders. 

What you will gain from taking this course: You will take your technical training to a whole new level. You will learn how to identify Dark Pool buy zones™, professional short-term trader footprints, High Frequency Trading activity and more, all in the charts. Support for feedback on your analysis is ongoing. You will also have the benefit of our on-lesson discussion and community groups where like-minded traders can share ideas and ask questions while you are learning.

Methodology Essentials Course - Elite Edition

For the career-oriented trader or investor. If you want to learn how to trade full-time, this package is for you. Includes everything in the Premier Edition PLUS the Elite Scans & Chart Templates and the Relational Technical Analysis™ modules for elite-level training on how to identify the footprints of each market participant group.

TechniTrader teaches you the WHAT, WHO, WHY, WHEN, and HOW.

You know how when you start to trade, you buy and hope that it goes up? And eventually you start to see that it can go down also. Then you start to make up trading strategies based on what you read on the internet from trading articles or financial gurus. Eventually you start to ask questions like "when was I supposed to get out of that trade?" or "wait why did the price drop? MACD crossed over!" or "Support was right there! It should've gone up from there". Before you know it, you've experimented with just copying social media trading posts, started reading any trading book you can find, and finally spent the last bit of money in your account before you realize that you aren't making money because you have no idea what you are doing. 

TechniTrader answers all of those unanswered questions and also fills in the gaps of questions you didn't even think to ask. What is price doing? Who are you trading with or against? Why is the market behaving the way it is? When should I enter and exit this trade? How do I manage my portfolio to consistently earn an income from the market. 

To be honest, you'll get much more than these questions answered. You'll get the most consistent and logical instruction on trading that you will ever receive. You'll get a team of professionals who are wanting you to be successful. You'll get mentorships that improve your trading and continue to guide you on each of your trades!

You will be more consistent than you've ever been, experience much less stress in doing so, and have a system that lets you work less, not more. 

TechniTrader will change your life. If I can only say one thing about my TechniTrader experience, it's that this has been the most rewarding experience in my financial journey than anything else. 

- Chi T.

This Course, (like all the other TT Courses I’ve invested in) was Excellent!

Dr. Wayne Dyer was a favorite author and philosopher of mine and he wrote… “When You Change The Way You Look at Things… The Things You Look At Change.” The RTA (TechniTrader Methodology Essentials Elite) Course was exactly that. Not only was it a wonderful refresher; it put all the rest into a clearer perspective for me, and more importantly, it’s given me a more complete process for analysis, and greater confidence in my stock picks. I especially appreciated the abundance of current examples that Martha presented throughout. It’s very clear to me now, that understanding “The Market Participants” at play; their interactions, and knowing “Who Is In Control” at any one moment, is the key to a Technical Analyst’s consistent success.

Thank you for your ongoing guidance and mentorship.

– David S.

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