For Traders and Investors with Some Stock Market Experience

Who will benefit from this course: Novice to Experienced traders who are looking for a comprehensive training experience to help increase profitability in trading stocks. Also for investors who want to learn how to trade stocks and improve long-term investing. Improve FX trading, crypto trading, options trading and more.

What you will learn:  You will learn a complete, comprehensive approach to trading and investing. Everything you need to learn and understand to become consistently successful trading stocks part-time or for monthly income is in this course.

How this will help you: Start your trading career with this in-depth online course that makes it easy to learn online at your own pace. Our student support is awesome, and our team will be with you every step of the way. You will also enjoy the discussion groups where you will meet students who are trading and learning just like you. When you have completed this course, you will have advanced trader skills.

Methodology Essentials Course - Premier Edition

Perfect for new to experienced traders and investors. Includes everything in the Standard Edition PLUS the Market Structure Report, Advanced Scans & Chart Templates, the Trade Management Planner and Advanced Trading Journal.

"Very informative.  The main goal it accomplished for me was to deepen my desire (and wish that I had known of Technitrader before losing my entire portfolio!!!) to save enough $$$ to purchase the Premier Technitrader course.  

Thank you for encouraging me to continue to learn to trade.  As an education professional with a PhD as well as a master's degree, I realize the importance of proper education.  I just didn't know where to get it until now!"

 Sandra P.

"Prior to doing TechniTrader’s course I almost gave up on trading and just started investing in mutual funds, but I knew other people were making more than average returns from the stock market and if they could do it then I could too. Well, the reason I keep buying TechniTrader courses is because with every one I purchase my skills improve. 

I have paid off my courses just from the gains that I’ve made in the market, so essentially they’ve cost me nothing."

 Daniel F.

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